Stackpole Books, 2000. Twelveth Edition. Hard Cover. 336 pages, 244 drawings 1 photo 5 x 8.* The most current guide to individual combat skills and small unit doctrine
* Essential reference for field use and training
Newly revised edition of the most popular handbook of basic combat skills for soldiers and other security forces operating in combat units or that must fight as infantry, rear area security forces, and military operations other than war. Condenses information from dozens of Army manuals for operations such as offense, defense, patrols, ambushes, special environments, and other tactical operations. Also includes basic soldier combat skills such as calls for artillery fire, first aid, NBC defense, communications and radio procedures, map reading and navigation skills, camouflage, identification of friendly and enemy vehicles, minefields, weapons, and fighting positions. Excellent. Item #3394
ISBN: 0873419278

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