HUNTING FOR TROUBLE. Geoff Wainwright.


Safari Press, 2006. First Edition, Limited to 1,000 & Signed, Numbered. Hardcover in Slipcase. This is a story about hunting in Zambia and the vanishing breed of men. His hunting tales and adventures speak of men and women, both black and white, whose deeds were accomplished in the name of hunting and conservation. These are stories of hunters, game rangers, and clients who survived harrowing, life-threatening, never-to-be-forgotten experiences. Some bear scars as mementos. Some of the tales tell of the charmed lives these hunters led—lives spiced with uncertainty as they tested themselves and their clients under trying conditions in the belief that “life is sweetened by the risk of danger.” Most were the clients of the author who, after completing their safaris, remained lifelong friends. The chapters are sprinkled with emotions—fits of humor, bouts of rage, and sadness through good and bad times. There are tales of the last black rhino hunted legally in Zambia and of dangerous work done while battling bands of poachers armed with military weapons supplied by corrupt government officials. The heart of the book covers the years just after Zambia’s newfound independence, which presented new challenges to the local people after forty years of colonial rule. It was a time when the country’s wealth of game diminished within ten years in the areas that the “new” army patrolled. This story chronicles a time of terrific change in Zambia, but most important of all, it illustrates the author’s bedrock belief that when Hunting for Trouble in Africa, or elsewhere, the hunter must be patient, silent, observant, and intuitive.265pp, photos. NEW. Item #13305
ISBN: 1571572325

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