LINCOLN'S NAVY: ; The Ships, Men and Organization, 1861-65. Donald L. Canney.

LINCOLN'S NAVY: ; The Ships, Men and Organization, 1861-65

Conway Maritime, 1998. Hardcover in Dust Jacket. 240 Pages - 109 Photos - 8 Line Art Drawings - 134 Illustrations.10.25 x 12. In purely naval terms the American Civil War brought about major innovations that have repercussions even to the present day. The geography of the coast dictated that much fighting took place on rapid rivers, shallow streams, and in tidal estuaries, which called for unprecedented tactics and weapons of war. Ironclads and rifled guns were being introduced as the conflict began. Shallow draft monitors, mines, torpedoes, and submersibles claimed their first victims. Massive and sudden programs of shipbuilding and purchase were instituted. This is the first major study to explore in detail all aspects of Lincoln's Union Navy. It covers the personnel, including training, discipline and shipboard life; the ships, their acquisition and construction; small arms, uniforms, equipment, and ship's ordnance; supply and logistics; tactics and strategy; administration and yards and stations. An introductory section provides a short history of the service and a comparison with contemporary navies, in particular that of the Confederacy. The volume also includes an overview of the associated naval forces of the conflict, notably the U.S. Revenue Marine, the Army's Quartermaster department, and the Coast Survey, all of which contributed ships and men to the effort. A large format book, it is heavily illustrated with some 200 photographs, drawings, and paintings. Excellent in Dust Jacket (Slight tear in dust jacket (. Item #1231
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