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RUSSO-GERMAN WAR: SUMMER AND AUTUMN 1943: Battle Situation - East Front (Kampf Lage - Ost Front)
by Madeja, W. Victor (Compiler).

Publisher: Valor Publishing Co.

Place Published: Allentown, PA

Publish Date: 2003

Description: Emphasis is on Operation Citadel which included the greatest tank battle in history. You are not supposed to know that It was actually several battles that culminated in a major retreat beyond Orel to the Hagen line in Army Group Center. In Army Group South, the inept 25 mile death ride of an SS Corps was followed by the Soviet Belgorod-Kharkov operation. There is also a detailed study of the rebuilt Sixth German Army on Mius River line that shows what competent (non-SS) tank units accomplished. By the end of summer the German front was in a shambles and retreating along 800 miles of an 1100 mile front (from Leningrad to Crimea). In the autumn campaigns, the emphasis is on the First Panzer Army battles and the Eighth Army retreat behind Dnepr River. It includes coverage of the Soviet airborne operation around Kanev. 70 maps (3 c.), 51 charts, 16 illus. This new edition adds considerable detail about how the summer campaign influenced the war and reveals the Anglo-American blunders and war crimes that the old boys still want to keep secret. No wonder Ike didnít mention this campaign in his Crusade for Europe, where he was engaging less than 3% of the German Army. This volume covers the third of four phases in the Soviet official history. 60 maps 56 charts/illus. 102 pages. *** Only 1 left in stock ***

Binding: Stiff Paper Covers
Condition: NEW
ID Number: 9516

Price: $19.95

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