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KOREAN ATROCITY! Forgotten War Crimes, 1950-1953
by Philip D. Chinnery.

Publisher: Naval Institute

Place Published: Annapolis, MD

Publish Date: 2000

Edition: First Edition

Description: 296 Pages - 42 Photos - 3 Line Art Drawings - 51 Illustrations.Recently declassified records on the Korean War have brought to light widespread and systemic war crimes committed by North Koreans and Chinese against troops serving under the United Nations command, according to this study. After examining over 1,600 cases, Philip Chinnery recounts his searing findings in this tragic three-part narrative. Part one covers the first year of the war, when most of the battlefield war crimes, death marches, and atrocities took place. The second part deals with the horrors prisoners faced at the hands of their captors, including starvation, slave labor, and medical experimentation. Part three delves into the prisoners’ repatriation at war’s end and the disturbing evidence that some of the 7,956 American and 100 British servicemen considered missing in action may have been left behind at the close of the war. In one of many examples, he sites a formerly confidential U.S. Government document that discusses a B-29 crew’s release by the Chinese two years after the war ended and how the crew was ordered to keep quiet about the prisoners still under communist control. Had there been a clear victor in Korea instead of a truce, the author believes that war crime trials would have followed. **out of print***** 2 left in stock ***

Binding: Hard Cover
Condition: NEW
ID Number: 9342

Price: $36.95

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