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by Marsh, Anthony S.

Publisher: Safari Press

Place Published: Long Beach, CA

Publish Date: 1998

Edition: Trade Edition

Description: 298pp, illus. Tony Marsh is a most unusual individual. He chose a life of hardship when he decided to become a game warden in East Africa (Kenya), where he was in charge of problem animals and problem people. He and his wife came to Kenya after reading in the local newspaper about a job offer in the Kenya Colony. Soon he discovered that the most exciting jobs were those of the elephant control officers. After acquiring a .404, he set about to learn his job, knowing that he had to learn fast or he would become a statistic. Here you will read some of the most amazing adventures with elephants and other East African game--as you penetrate the coastal thickets of Kenya where it is impossible to see an elephant standing a mere ten paces away! You will read about the time when he pursued a tuskless bull elephant that killed cattle, or the time one of Tony Marsh's underlings shot a 100-pound elephant accidentally while a nearby hunting client looked for one in vain! This graphic and well-written story is testimony to a man who feels he has never quite gotten used to 'civilization' as we know it. *** Only 1 left in stock ***

Binding: Hardcover in New Dust Jacket
Condition: NEW
ID Number: 9302

Price: $39.95

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