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WORLD’S WORST WARSHIPS: The Failures and Repercussions of Naval Design and Construction, 1860-2000
by Antony Preston.

Publisher: Conway Maritime

Publish Date: 2002

Edition: First Edition

Description: 192 Pages - 65 Illustrations.Although the title is deliberately provocative, this is a serious study that sheds light on how some warships came to be tainted by bad reputations. The author, one of Great Britain's most noted warship experts, profiles vessels that achieved notoriety due to outlandish design or appearance and others that were lost in dramatic actions or by accidents. Also covered are warships that never endeared themselves to operators, and, as a consequence, suffered prejudice against their design. The author contends that few ships are incompetently designed but rather victims of flawed operational concepts, over-ambitious specifications, poorly designed weapons systems, or financial stringency. Among ships included in the book are the Russian Popoffkas; the French battleship Brennus; the British vessels Captain, Sheffield, and Invincible; the U.S. monitors Katahdin and Vesuvius; and the Japanese light cruiser Mogami. This new perspective on naval design will appeal to everyone interested in how a ship's form fits its function for better or worse. *** Only 1 left in stock ***** Price Includes US Shipping **

Binding: Hardcover in Dust Jacket
Condition: MINT, New Old Stock
ID Number: 8569

Price: $36.95

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