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SILENT BUT DEADLY: More Homemade Silencers from Hayduke the Master
by Hayduke, George.


Publish Date: 2003

Edition: Reprint

Description: In this sequel to The Hayduke Silencer Book, Hayduke widens the world of muffled mayhem with more homemade silencers. Despite what the Brady bunch might say, silencers serve some very civilized functions and contribute to a saner, quieter way of life, which is why a lot of folks like them. After reading The Hayduke Silencer Book, many readers shared their own ideas for simple designs you can build at home, legally. George compiled the cream of the crop into this illustrated guide.Actual Construction of the firearms described in these books may be illegal under federal law. The BATF actively pursues & prosecutes anybody who violates firearm statutes. All BATF rules apply. Warning: the manufacture or possession of firearms silencer is illegal without prior licensing with the BATF. This book is for academic study only.88 pgs. *** 2 left in stock ***

Binding: Softcover
Condition: MINT
ID Number: 7816

Price: $17.95

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