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by Fred Pushies .

Publisher: WW Norton & Co.

Place Published: New York

Publish Date: 2004

Edition: First Edition

Description: 128 pp - 100 color, 50 b/w, 8-1/4" x 10-5/8". Of all the U.S. military’s special forces, none carry the same name recognition nor capture the public imagination like the U.S. Navy SEALs. From their intense training in San Diego to their land, air, and, of course, sea operations the SEALs are feared and respected around the globe., will detail in 150 photographs all of the weapons, vehicles, gear, and high-tech gadgets that the SEALs use in their operations. Photographs show SEALs utilizing weapons, watercraft, aircraft, SCUBA equipment, and more in live-action exercises, bringing the reader into the midst of the action. In Battle Gear fashion, the book also includes a chapter describing the techniques SEALs use, as well as glossaries of terms and military abbreviations. *** Only 1 left in stock ***

Binding: Hard Cover
Condition: MINT
ID Number: 7659

Price: $19.95

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