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by Ailsby, Christopher.

Publisher: MBI Publishing Company

Place Published: Osceola, WI

Publish Date: 1999

Edition: Second Printing

Description: 224 pgs., 400+ bandw ill.Unique insight into the most notorious military formation in history. Packed with previously unpublished photographs, most taken from private albums of former Waffen-SS soldiers, Waffen-SS chronicles all the battles and campaigns Waffen-SS units fought in during WWII. Recreates in pictorial form all aspects of the Waffen-SS's war: the growth of the SS panzer divisions, their tactics, recruitment of units, an examination of their weapons and equipment, and images of all Waffen-SS commanders. Includes a chapter on SS war crimes and atrocities ** out of print***** 3 left in stock ***

Binding: Hardcover slight dent on cover
Condition: MINT
ID Number: 7637

Price: $29.95

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