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COWBOY ACTION SILHOUETTE RIFLE: Winning Techniques for Western Competition
by Stephens, Charles.


Publish Date: 2001

Description: This book explains the rules and describes the guns used in this new sport. Author Charles Stephens also includes tips on how to tune your equipment to achieve top performance and how to make simple modifications to your rifle to customize it for your own style of shooting. Most importantly, Stephens explains with detailed instructions and clear photos the rifle marksmanship basics for the 21st century. Published here for the first time are beginning and advanced techniques that have been known to only a very few of the top international and national championship shooters of the past century. Cowboy Action Silhouette Rifle competition is spreading like wildfire across the prairies of America, as steel silhouette shooters, the Single Action Shooting Society, Cowboy Action Shooters and other participants cross over from their own sports to try this new one. Read this book, and you’ll know why. 80 pp., illus, photos. *** 3 left in stock ***** Price Includes US Shipping **

Binding: Softcover
Condition: MINT, New Old Stock
ID Number: 4835

Price: $16.95

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