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THE ADVENTUROUS LIFE OF A VAGABOND HUNTER: From South America to East Africa, The Life of a Professional Hunter
by Cedergen, Sten.

Publisher: Safari Press

Place Published: Long Beach, CA

Publish Date: 2000

Edition: First Edition, Limited to 1,000 & Signed, numbered

Description: There have been many claims of remarkable adventures in the safari business, but one would be hard pressed to find a life story that can top that of Sten Cedergren's. Born in Sweden, he set out to become a cowboy at an early age. First stop, Paraguay. Next he joined the United States Army to fight in Korea-even though he was a Swedish citizen! After further roaming, he landed in Kenya at a time when most Europeans still carried a handgun in the streets of Nairobi. He eventually joined White Hunters Ltd., in addition to doing elephant control work. During his career Sten was clobbered several times by members of the Big Five, but he never considered it necessary to be treated at a hospital-a tidbit that gives insight into the character of this remarkable man. Being a handsome devil, he had many adventures with female clients, some of which you may not want your children to read! In 1977 when Kenya closed hunting, he did not part for quieter venues, but, rather, he joined the bushwar in Rhodesia where he stalked (and killed) terrorists in Mozambique when he was a young 58. After Rhodesian independence, he took up hunting again. Today in his early eighties, mind you, he is still hunting elephant in Zimbabwe! From South America to East Africa, the life of a professional hunter. 326 pp. illustrated. *** 1 left in stock*****PRICE INCLUDES US SHIPPING **

Binding: Hardcover in a Slipcase
Condition: NEW
ID Number: 483

Price: $99.95

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