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by Farnam, John S.

Publisher: DTI Publications

Place Published: Boulder, CO

Publish Date: 2000

Edition: Second Edition

Description: From the title, one might think that this is just another book about the mechanics of loading, aiming and firing a pistol or revolver, of which there are many examples on the market today. This book is much more, however. The first half is more about the "why" of defensive shooting with the "how" very well presented in the second half. There are excellent chapters on the legal justification of using lethal force, as well as practical aspects of self-defense situations such as how to interact with the police afterwards. What are the common physical reactions that self-defense shooters suffer? Mr. Farnam lists and describes them. How much do you tell the responding officers after a shooting, and what are the pitfalls for you. Mr. Farnam covers these in detail. Coverage of the draw from a holster, grip and stance, as well as loading and unloading, are covered in exhaustive detail, with separate sections for different models. Revolvers? Manual dedockers? Colt Government models? Double Action Only? All covered clearly and throughly. 264 pgs., illus. *** Only 1 left in stock ***** Price Includes US Shipping **

Binding: Softcover
Condition: Excellent , New Old Stock
ID Number: 4546

Price: $19.95

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