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by Party, Boston T.

Publisher: Javelin Press

Place Published: Ignacio, CO

Publish Date: August 2000

Edition: Revised & Expanded

Description: This mammoth guide for gun owners everywhere is a completely updated and expanded edition (more than 500 new pages!) of Boston T. Party’s classic Boston on Guns and Courage. Pulling no punches, Boston gives new advice on which shoulder weapons and handguns to buy and why before exploring such topics as why you should consider not getting a concealed carry permit, what guns and gear will likely be outlawed next, how to spend within your budget, why you should go to a quality defensive shooting academy now, which guns and gadgets are inferior and why, how to stay off illegal government gun registration lists, how to spot an undercover agent trying to entrap law-abiding gun owners and much more. *** Only 1 left in stock ***

Binding: Softcover
Condition: Excellent
ID Number: 4428

Price: $28.00

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