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Tucson, AZ USA

by Ayoob, Massad F.

Publisher: Police Bookshelf

Place Published: Concord, NH

Publish Date: 1990

Description: Ayoob has done a superb job of describing offensive use of impact weapons. In addition to saps, night sticks, batons and other conventional weapons, he has given excellent coverage of the 'makeshift' items which can be used in emergency. These include handcuffs, key rings, belts, flashlights, guns, beer mugs and just about any other item, which might likely be in reach, not nailed down, and of sufficient substance to give weight to your side of the argument. Nor has he neglected the legal and ethical considerations attendant to the use of 'sufficient' force... 'must reading' for anyone in law enforcement.' 155 pgs, illus. *** Only 1 left in stock***

Binding: Hard Cover
Condition: Excellent in Dust Jacket
ID Number: 3622

Price: $15.95

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