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by William Wintz .

Publisher: Pictorial Histories Publishing, Inc.

Publish Date: 1992

Edition: Third Printing

Description: This slim softcover book consists mostly of letters and journals mostly written by sisters Mollie Hansford Walls and Victoria Hansford during the Civil War. It begins with Mollie's marriage in 1853 to Dr. William Walls of Newtown, Virginia. They married at Mollie's home in Coalsmouth, now St. Albans, WV. She describes their journey to Newtown, which is now called Stephen's City and is just south of Winchester. She was an interesting writer although she tended to leave out personal details and emotions which would have been intriguing. However, this probably keeps her story from sounding too female-oriented for some male readers who are researching the Civil War.Mollie and her husband lived along the Valley Pike and were thus visited by soldiers from both sides. They had strong southern sympathies but this did not keep them from rendering medical assistance to wounded Union soldiers.Meanwhile her sister Victoria remained in the Kanawha Valley. Victoria wrote of the local men going off to war, of women trying to support them from afar, and of a dreadful flood in September 1861.The sisters write of their "servants" in a way that indicates a fairly warm relationship with their family slaves. A chapter by Mollie describes the end of slavery in the Winchester area when General Banks "was in the valley carrying off all the Negroes he could transport." After the war their former slave Shipley actually returned for a pleasant visit.Some other documents regarding their family members are included, such as letters from their brother Carroll Hansford who was a prisoner of war at Elmira, New York. *** Only 2 left in stock*****Price Includes US Shipping**

Binding: Pictorial Softcover
Condition: NEW
ID Number: 3461

Price: $14.95

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