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BULWARK & BASTION: a Look at musket era fortifications
by Fitzgerald. Hinds. J.R. & Ed.

Publisher: Council on Abandon Military Post

Publish Date: 1977

Edition: Revised 1996

Description: 98 pp.Excellent Glossary of Technical Terms w/ Spanish Glossary of Technical Terms.The word "bulwark" is defined as being a wall-like defense structure, while the wrod "bastion" is defined as being a fortified area of position.The construction of fortifcations to secure places from attack is a practice as old as mankind. This booklet, illustrated w/ drawings & photos, goes into detail on various types of fotifications that have been utilized thoughout history. ***Only 1 left in stock***** Price Includes US Shipping **

Condition: MINT
ID Number: 2878

Price: $15.95

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