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by Timanus. Rod.

Publisher: Pioneer Press

Place Published: Union City, TN

Publish Date: 2003

Edition: First Edition

Description: 112 pages, 50 Photographs, 10 Maps, 4 Appendices, Bibliography & Indexes.This is the Third book on the on the trail series.Rod Timanus, our On The Trail author, has completed the third in this series of booklets, On The Lewis & Clark Trail. As with the previous two volumes, Rod and his friend, Terri LaPlante, begin their journey to recreate the Corps of Discovery's trail at St. Louis, Missouri, and on to the Pacific Ocean via the Missouri River, over the Rocky Mountains and the Columbia River. With stops at all the signigicant sites along the way, Rod and Terri show us in historic and current photographs the differences in terrain from 1804-1806 and today. Rod also writes an synopsis of the expedition and explains how the modern explorer who wishes to trek the Lewis & Clark Trail must adapt to modern changes. This book, as part of an ongoing set *** Only 1 left in stock ***

Binding: Softcover
Condition: NEW
ID Number: 2867

Price: $12.95

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