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by Ball, Robert.

Publisher: Krause Publications

Place Published: Iola, WI

Publish Date: 2000

Edition: Second Edition

Description: 304 pp.,illus. With 1,000 b&w and a 48 page color section.This 2nd edition brings more than 200 new photos of these historical rifles and the wars in which they were carried. Mauser military rifles offer collectors almost unlimited variations, and author Bob Ball continues to find rare and interesting specimens. The second edition of this popular book brings more than 100 new photos of these historic rifles and the wars in which they were carried. Every detail is presented, from the length and weight of the rifle to the manufacturer's markings. This book shows collectors precisely how to identify every model from 1871 to 1945 and provides production figures and the relative rarity of each model. Because Mauser rifles were produced under contract in so many different nations, the book is organized alphabetically by country and the year of production. **out of print** *** 1 left in stock**

Binding: Hardcover
Condition: New in New Dust Jacket
ID Number: 194

Price: $49.95

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