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by Bracken, Matthew.

Publisher: San Diego, CA

Place Published: Steelcutter Publishing

Publish Date: 2003

Edition: First Edition

Description: This book is a compelling, fictional novel about liberty and the 2nd amendment. It is packed with real life issues right out of today’s headlines and it covers political views and aspirations on both sides of the issue. Enemies Foreign and Domestic is a domestic terrorism thriller set in the near future. The novel begins on the opening day of the NFL season, when bullets begin to rain down upon the upper deck of a packed football stadium. A panic stampede ensues, leading to mass casualties. The alleged sniper is found holding a smoking assault rifle, and is killed by a police marksman. One week later, congress bans the private possession of all semi-automatic assault rifles. Gun owners are given on week to turn in their semi-automatic rifles, or face a five year mandatory sentence. The plot revolves around the true identity of the actual sniper. The alleged sniper killed at the scene may be a patsy, and many Americans refuse to turn in their banned weapons, leading to a civil crises in the nation. 576 pages, *** Only 1 left in stock***** Price Includes US Shipping **

Binding: Softcover
Condition: Excellent
ID Number: 1781

Price: $19.95

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