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by Flack, Peter .

Publisher: Safari Press

Publish Date: 2007

Edition: Small print run of 500 copies

Description: Have you ever wondered how to import your firearm to Africa? Do you know how many firearms you are allowed to take? What about ammunition? What inoculations are recommended for what country? Have you researched the hunting blocks in the countries you want to visit on your next safari? What animals can be legally hunted in each country? Do you know what the official trophy fees are in Zambia? What are the caliber restrictions for shooting a lion in Tanzania? Do you know that Cameroon has three official languages? Do you know which big-game animals are protected in Botswana? If your lack of knowledge has held you back from taking an African safari, the new Safari Guide 2007?2008 is the answer. tHIS exciting new guide features detailed information, in an easy-to-read format, on all aspects of hunting in Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The new Safari Guide includes hundreds of photos, maps of countries and hunting blocs, checklists of the animals that occur in each country, checklists of the animals on license, background information, currencies, languages spoken, health and travel advisories, visas, and much more. The hard-hitting, useful information found in this guide will help you, the hunter, understand the bewildering number of rules, regulations, and customs of each country so that you can properly plan and enjoy your safari to the fullest. Be an informed Dark Continent hunter BEFORE you purchase your next safari. It will save you thousands of dollars and make your next big-game hunting safari in Africa your most enjoyable adventure yet. More than a dozen contributors?including Jack Atcheson Jr., Craig Boddington, Fred Duckworth, Jack Jonas, Debbie Peake, Jason Roussos, Diana Rupp, and others?have made this the most up-to-date guide available today. 329pp, color photos ** Price Includes US Shipping ***** Only 1 Left in stock***

Binding: Hardcover in Dust Jacket
Condition: MINT
ID Number: 13922

Price: $39.95

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