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WHO ARE YOU? The Encyclopedia of Personal Identification
by Scott French.

Publisher: Here Inc.

Publish Date: 2000

Description: The first book to reveal the tricks and truths of the identity game from all sides of the game! Learn how to steal or protect any identity, and find out exactly how the government and a number of private companies are infringing on your rights Ė and how to stop them. Who are You? Not only draw from the unique writing skills and knowledge of Scott French, it also incorporates insider information from experts ranging from FBI and customs agents to top graphic artists, offshore attorneys, master thieves, and professional sharks. oHow to steel anyoneís identity o How to prevent your ID from being stolen o How to get a driverís license even if yours is suspended o How to make great IDís on a home computer o How to read and verify any check o How to manufacture checks on a home computer o Where to by the best fake IDís o How to make holograms and state seals o How to open a bank account without a Social Security number o How to open an untraceable offshore ATM account o How to get a second passport o Where to get a "real" birth certificate o 37 1/2 ways to get anyoneís Social Security number o How to read and verify any Social Security number and earnings record o How to create a complete ancillary ID package o How credit cards are forged, stolen, and used o How to tell if a credit card is real as well as what back issued it o How to get anybodyís motherís maiden name o How to find or varify mail drops o How to read vehicle tags o How to build a legend Jimmy Hoffa would be proud of o How the government can easily track the "new" currency o How to tell if any ID is real o How new credit agency programs are designed to catch ID abusers o How to safeguard your privacy, every minute of the day o How the IRS spots phony/forged receiptsPlus sources, web sites, rules, regulations, tips, techniques, and state-of-the-art information that will change the way you do business and the way you live your life! 8.5" x 11", photos, illus., 352 pages **out of print**

Condition: NEW
ID Number: 12961

Price: $26.95

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