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Tucson, AZ USA

by Tenney L. Davis.

Publisher: National Fireworks, Inc.

Edition: Facsimilie Reprint

Description: A study of the science of pyrotechnics, a.k.a., Fireworks. This is Chapter 3 from original book.This captivating book discusses the History, Development and Manufacture of Pyrotechnic devices. From the earliest recorded inception of rockets and gunpowder to modern Chinese factories, this work covers the entire history of the art and science surrounding fireworks. Numerous tables and charts demonstrate how various mixtures of chemical compounds produce the beautiful and awesome combinations of colors and sparks which fascinate crowds at professional fireworks displays. Anyone interested in how cherry bombs, rockets or any type pyrotechnic device is made would find this book a must read.pages 52 - 124, illus.

Binding: Stiff Paper Covers
Condition: NEW
ID Number: 12131

Price: $10.95

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