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by Carl von Clausewitz, Joseph I. Greene.

Publisher: Dover Publishing

Description: Prussian officer Carl von Clausewitz formulated most of his theories while serving in the Napoleonic wars, and despite the vast technical changes of the past two centuries, his works remain ever-relevant. His three-volume, 1,000-plus-page opus On War has revolutionized warfare since its initial publication in 1832. This volume features the essence of that work, from its observations on the nature and theory of warfare to its outlines of strategic policies: moral force and military virtues, the element of surprise, strategic reserve, duration and decision of combat, effects of victory, and retreat. Additional topics cover tactics of offense and defense, planning, and wartime politics. Republication of an anonymous translation published by Cassell and Company, London, 1945. 144 PAGES. *** Only 1 left in stock ***** Price Includes US Shipping **

Binding: Pictorial Softcover
Condition: Excellent , New Old Stock
ID Number: 10916

Price: $12.95

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