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Tucson, AZ USA

by Michael Crooker .

Publisher: Firing Pin

Publish Date: 1998

Edition: Facsimilie Reprint

Description: Many who see this title might argue, "Why publish information telling convicted Felons how to own guns?" Well, the reason is simple. With the ever increasing number of laws on the books, and the simple fact that one almost cannot lead a decent life anymore without breaking some law or other, chances are sooner or later even decent people will be snared by Big Government and lose their firearm rights. We at FPE have some good friends who are felons, and would sooner trust these people than half the current crop of bureaucrats in government. The writer of this piece is a convicted felon who wanted to learn how he might, even in a limited way, continue to own weapons for recreational shooting, collecting and self-protection. After some research he found there are actually many weapons even a felon might possess without fear of prosecution.

Binding: Stiff Paper Covers
Condition: NEW
ID Number: 10615

Price: $7.95

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